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High, Higher, Highest

A major component of an optimized emergency department is management of the revenue cycle. Aristo has been providing Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services since 2000. Our team has extensive experience and proven performance to ensure confidence in our results.

Aristo uses the GE Centricity System with a user-facing denial queue that is designed to resolve unpaid claims optimally and effectively. Aristo averages a 98% clean claims and EDI acceptance rate within our clearinghouse as part of our practice management platform.

Unlike many of our competitors that outsource revenue cycle management to a subcontractor, Aristo owns its revenue cycle. Aristo controls all the resources that contribute to revenue. Having this expertise in-house allows Aristo to know exactly how much should be collected and therefore manage expenses accordingly. Aristo can also assist with physician revenue outside the emergency department.

Be The Best, Not The Biggest

Highest Optimization

Emergency department efficiency involves many variables affecting how the overall department performs. Aristo can provide operational optimization assessments to identify performance opportunities affecting provider efficiency and overall departmental efficiency. ED optimization includes: 

  • On-site Emergency Department Assessments: Encompass patient flow, quality, risk, and financial performance. 

  • Emergency Department Management: Short-term and long-term management agreements involving nursing and physician leadership services. 

  • Consultative Services: Short-term and long-term consultative engagements providing change management, leadership development (nursing and physician), and process change guidance. 

  • Emergency Department Staffing: Physicians, advanced practice providers, and nurses.  

"led to maximizing income"

"The level of communication, transparency, and reliability of Aristo is superb. The collection strategy, including percentage of bad debt collection, is impressive. The guidance given to me and my practice led to maximizing income."

"professionalism and quality of work is outstanding"

“I have known and done business with Rich Street for over 20 years and the professionalism and quality of his team’s work is always outstanding. I trust his word and work product without reservation.”

"billing/coding excellence and high standards"

“Rarely do you find a billing company that has a dual focus on billing/coding excellence while at the same time practicing high standards of ethics, character, and integrity."

What Our Clients Say

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