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At Aristo, our success depends on your success. We partner with our clients to ensure that success is achieved far beyond the revenue cycle. Our leadership team and practice management experts have the depth of knowledge and experience needed to assist practice leadership in clinical, operational, and financial dimensions of the organization.

Aristo Delivers


Current System Software

All steps of Aristo processes are electronic, including demographics, medical charts, coding, filing, remittances, and reporting. Aristo developed a coding platform called AristoCode that allows coders to code online and automatically loads the coded chart into the system. This process is designed to improve quality and efficiency. Additionally, Aristo works with many IT partners, including Automate, a tool that allows seamless connectivity to the hospital.  

Through constant monitoring, Aristo can provide the status of charts received by each facility at a frequency determined by the client. Aristo’s IT team coordinates with the hospital IT team to obtain the data elements needed for coding and billing. Demographic information and chart contents are automatically pulled into our software to optimize data flow. From demographics to collection of payments, our processes are fully automated. 

Aristo Infrastructure and Business Continuity

Aristo employs virtualized servers and environments to ensure use of the latest industry software for patient information safety and security. We maintain the latest system updates from server to endpoint protections. We have BDR protections to ensure private health information is safely backed up locally and to the cloud.


Aristo developed a proprietary coding software platform to streamline the demographics and coding process. AristoCode can accept many varieties of data import, including CSV, TSV, Excel, XML, HTML, Flat File, and HL7. We provide converter interfaces for a variety of possibilities. We compare our imported data to the manual raw data to ensure data integrity. 

Our software as seen below gives us an instant summary of where patient charts are at any given time, which enables proper process management.

AristoCode also provides reporting options based off the coding data, including:

  • Downcode reporting. 

  • Documentation education with calculations for lost revenue. 

  • Patient registered (no chart available). 

  • Chart deficiencies. 

  • Unbillable charts (left without being seen). 


Chart Reconciliation

Using our proprietary software, we reconcile patient data with external data sources from the hospital to ensure every patient is being captured. Missing charges can cause a loss of income if they cannot be located. As mentioned above with AristoCode, every chart is visible at each stage of the process with our tracking systems. Data within our coding module is available for up to seven years after the date of service.

"improved coding accuracy"

“…Aristo has moved the bell curve and improved coding accuracy by collaborating with our ED leaders.”

"deliver a seamless product"

“I feel very comfortable in saying that Rich and his staff at Aristo are some the most progressive, hard-working, and attentive professionals in the business. Their skillset and knowledge base enables them to deliver a seamless product both to the patient and the provider."

"strategic improvement"

“…The data collection supplied by Aristo leads to strategic improvement in documentation that leverages the ability to meet the changing demands of insurers.”

What Our Clients Say

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